Rockfit 291015

Fusion Gym – RockFit

Find your Power Clean 1RM then work at 65% of your 1RM

AB: Fusion gym (No Measure)

Focuses on posture, breathing, stability, flexibility, isometric strength.

C1: Rockfit power clean and front squat mobility preparation

Wrists, hands, shoulders, back, trunk,…

static and dynamic posture

C2: Power Clean (Find your 1RM 15′)

C3: Rockfit gym sequence 1

9’45” – 30″/15″ – 3 rounds – 4 mvts

– Box HSPU maintain legs straight

– Dead Hang activate core/upper back

– Bar Row or just hang keep hips aligned

– Ring dip or just hang soften shoulders

D: Rockfit 291015 (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)


– 5 Jumping pull up or 10 Kipping swing

– 5 PC at 65% of C2

– 5 Burpees jump over the bar

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